The Key Parts of LM Healthworks Plan
Know more about your medications and use your prescription dollars wisely. The Express Scripts prescription drug Web site can show you how.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Please note: The additional co-payment does not apply for certain represented groups. Check your enrollment materials for details.

To get started with mail order, call the LM HealthWorks Plan at 1-877-458-4975 and select option 2 to speak with a Medco representative.

Express Scripts is Lockheed Martin’s prescription drug benefits provider, your source for pharmacy information and services.

Please register at to:

  • Fill your long-term prescriptions
  • Find tools to help you make informed decisions
  • Find information about diseases and conditions and get the latest medication related news, including drug alerts

Retail pharmacy for short-term prescriptions

Mail-order service for long-term prescriptions

What will you pay for your medication?

Compare costs with the Price-a-Medication Tool

Not yet an LM HealthWorks Plan member? Be our guest: Get a sneak peak at the Express Scripts prescription drug web site. Here, you can also access the formulary to see if your brand-name medication is included within Express Script's Preferred Prescriptions Drug List.
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