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DocFind is an up-to-date list of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who belong to the LM HealthWorks Plan network.

Online Provider Directory

  • docfind-icon.gifIs your doctor in the network? Get the answer, with DocFind.

  • docfind-icon.gifAetna® has a large, nationwide network of participating health care providers.

  • online-tools-icon.gifSearch for all in-network providers near you and find Aexcel-designated providers.

Because in-network providers have agreed to charge special preferred pricing rates for LM HealthWorks Plan members, the plan pays more and you pay less when you use doctors and other health care providers who belong to the plan’s network.

You can find in-network providers in your area by using DocFind®, the online provider directory.

See if your doctor is in the network.

There are several different ways to search the online provider directory:

  • You can search by name to find out if a specific doctor belongs to the network.
  • You can enter your zip code or county to find all in-network providers in your area.
  • You can search by specialty.

DocFind also lets you refine your search with categories such as gender, languages spoken and handicapped accessibility.

If you find your current doctor is not in the Aetna network, you (or your doctor) may request they join the network. Learn more >>

Do you have a primary doctor? Although designating a Primary Care Physician (PCP) is not required under the LM HealthWorks Plan, building a relationship with a primary doctor can provide stability and help centralize coordination of care. A primary doctor provides routine, basic and preventive care, and can help you find the right specialty care when you need it. A primary doctor / PCP can be an internist, general or family practitioner or, for children, a pediatrician.

If you don’t already have a primary doctor, you can use DocFind to locate one near you. You can also access DocFind from your Aetna Navigator home page.

Find and use Aexcel®-designated providers.

A blue star  next to a provider’s name in the online provider directory means that he or she belongs to the Aexcel network. The Aexcel network is a group of specialists who are considered higher performers, in terms of clinical performance and efficiency, in their specialty areas. These specialists are called Aexcel-designated providers. They practice in twelve specialties ranging from Cardiology and General Surgery to Neurology and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

You can learn more about Aexcel by selecting “Specialist” under Provider Type on the General Search page. Then click on “More Options” under Search by Specialty, Name and Other Options.

Look into the plan’s Transition of Care provision.
If you are in an active course of treatment with an out-of-network doctor at the time you become a member of the LM HealthWorks Plan, the plan’s Transition of Care provision may be able to help. For certain health conditions, the plan may approve transition coverage to allow you to continue an active course of treatment with an out-of-network provider for a certain period of time while receiving benefits at the in-network level. Learn more>

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