The Key Parts of LM Healthworks Plan
You can register with Aetna Navigator for self-service convenience and a world of health information.

Aetna Navigator®

At Aetna Navigator, you can take care of certain health care transactions.

Not yet an LM HealthWorks Plan member?
Use this guest ID and password to visit Aetna Navigator and see what you’d be able to do as a member.

User Name/Guest ID: choicepos2
Password: choicepos2 

Check the status of a claim.

Look at the results of claims that were processed and find out when payments were made. You can also find out your share of the cost.

Request a medical ID card.

Lost your card? At Aetna Navigator, you can print a temporary ID card to use. You may also email Member Services from Navigator or call LM HealthWorks at 1-877-458-4975 to request a replacement card.

Note: To request a prescription drug ID card, please go to the Express Scripts web site.

Estimate the cost of care.

With Navigator’s Cost of Care tools, you can get estimated average costs for medical treatments and procedures, tests and other services in your area. Use this information to have a discussion with your doctor about care options. Learn more >

Compare hospitals.

Use Navigator’s Hospital Comparison Tool to compare hospitals in your area on the measures and qualities that mean the most to you.

Get a Health History Report.

This report puts all of your claims-based information in one place. Forgot when you had that routine exam or treatment? Can’t recall how much your doctor charged for that visit?  You can find it all in your Health History Report.

Contact Member Services.

As an LM HealthWorks Plan member, you can email Member Services right from your Navigator home page. Member Services can help with claim and benefits questions, address changes, replacement medical ID cards and other needs.

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