The Key Parts of LM Healthworks Plan
The plan provides online resources and services to help you manage your benefits, find the care you need and get the most for your money.

Using Your Plan

  • ql-online-tools.gifAetna Navigator gives you tools and tips to take care of your personal benefits.

  • ql-doctor-icon.gifWith DocFind you can look up network doctors and facilities, and get cost and quality of care information.

  • ql-rxmanage-icon.gifAt Express Scripts prescription drug web site, you’ll find tools and information to manage your medications.

As an enrolled member of the LM HealthWorks Plan, you can take advantage of tools that make it easier to manage your benefits, your care and your health care dollars. It’s all part of helping you take a more active role in your health and become better informed as a consumer of health care services.

In this section, you’ll learn about:

  • The key features of Aetna Navigator®, your online resource for tools and information that helps you make the most of your LM HealthWorks Plan.
  • Using DocFind, the online provider directory, to look up network doctors, find provider information and learn about Aexcel-designated specialists.
  • Express Scripts prescription drug web site, where you can find participating retail pharmacies, look up drugs on the formulary, get cost information and more.

It’s all about getting the help and information you need to put the plan benefits, features and resources to work for you and your family.

Your Health Plan

Basics of the Plan

Your Health Information: Safe and Private

    Using Your Plan

    Mission: Health

    Mental Health/Substance Abuse

      Convenience Care

      One-on-One Support

      Preventive Care

        Well-Being Assessment

          Take Action

          Make Better Health Happen

            Using Plan Resources


            Help and Information

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