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Your Health Plan

Health and quality of life are important to you and to the company. Lockheed Martin has a strong commitment to your health and well-being, and with the LM HealthWorks Plan, this commitment has been put into action. Although the plan is a safety net that protects against the high cost of health care, it’s much more than just coverage. To help you get healthy and stay healthy, the LM HealthWorks Plan gives you access to a world of tools, resources, programs and one-on-one support from trusted partners that Lockheed Martin has selected. These partners include Aetna®, the plan administrator; Healthways, our wellness and condition managementcondition management: Condition management is a program of one-on-one support, information and guidance to help participants manage a specific chronic medical condition or disease, and enjoy better overall health. partner; and Express Scripts®, our prescription drugprescription drug: A prescription drug is one that you can get only with an order form (prescription) from your doctor or health care professional. benefit provider.

This Web site is a central resource for information about the LM HealthWorks Plan and all it offers. Visit often to reference Basics of the Plan, pick up the latest news and postings, get answers to FAQs and link quickly to important Web sites and information.

Your Health Plan

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